This too shall pass

Not again i scream,
Over-analyzing everything.
The circle of us ,
Won't break It's pattern ,
Won't seize Cuz

-I am your stubborn hypocritical lover
Guarded by thorns of My past.
You have Been wounded, bled out
Anger gushing,
And none of us thought it would last

The winds of your ego
The waves of My tears
Made The most Perfect almighty storm That we've seen This year
But experience gathered
We've learned from our past
So don't worry darling
This too shall pass..

Soul-bruising, i look at you,
Accusingly Cuz i am Black and Blue.
Emotional fist,
You are The only man Who makes me feel like This.

I am your weakness, i am
Your protector,
But Who Will protect you from me?
The damage is obvious, patch me together,
Loosen your grip boy, i can't breathe


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